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Florida's Largest Independent Record Label





JRAMA RECORDS is an independent record label based out of Miami, FL. Although we focus mostly on hip-hop, we like to keep an open mind and welcome artists of all genres, as long as we can relate to the music and the artists that we work with! Our current and growing roster includes artists like Rickey Kash and Jon Pol, as well as Johnny Jrama, the artist and entrepreneur behind the label. We also are affiliated and work with the likes of artists such as Mr. "My Projects" Coo Coo Cal, Young Ferrari, and Alpoko Don!

Keep your eyes open and yours ears tuned in for upcoming releases such as the new heartfelt "Single" entitled "Baby Girl" (In Loving Memory of Johnny Jrama's daughter Lanieyah Ashley Setticase). "Test of Time" by Johnny Jrama, along with a soulful sounds of Jon Pol and his debut release single "Lolita". Jrama Records currently distributes its catalog of music worldwide to over 160 digital retailers, including all of the majors! Our in-house publishing administartion takes the technical work away from the artists so that they can concentrate on what they do best... Making Music!


If you are a recording artist or record label looking to further your career in the music business, use the form below to submit your music for consideration.

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