"We On 10 Rounds... They Just On 1"



In spite of all the naysayers crying out... “the death of the music industry”, we are still here, because we only see an opportunity! The opportunity to do something that we love and to share incredible music with the world, because at the end of the day... "Music Is Life, That's Why Our Hearts Have Beats"!

JRAMA RECORDS is an independent record label based out of Miami, FL. Although we focus mostly on hip-hop, we like to keep an open mind and welcome artists of all genres, as long as we can relate to the music and the artists we work with! Our growing roster includes artists like Rickey Kash, Young Ferrari, C4 Ghost, as well as Johnny JRAMA, the artist and entrepreneur behind the label. We also work with artists such as Mr. "My Projects" Coo Coo Cal, Desloc Picallo & Alpoko Don!

Look out for upcoming project releases such as the brand new singles "Miss You" by Rickey Kash ft. Johnny JRAMA & "No Problems" by Johnny JRAMA ft. Young Ferrari, which will be released through our very own Worldwide Digital Distribution Platform that covers over 160+ Countries, and covering all of the major digital retailers! (iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play, Pandora, Tidal, YouTube, YouTube Red, and many more…)



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