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About US

JRAMA, INC. is much more than just a music company. It is a well-rounded brand that appeals to people who enjoy the finer things in life: Music, Fashion, Fragrances, Modeling… and a lot more! The JRAMA Brand started out of a vision of Founder and Artist Johnny JRAMA, who combined his passion for modeling, clothing, style, fragrance and of course, great music, all within the umbrella of one, single and powerful brand!

JRAMA, INC. serves as a Holding Company, and has several divisions:

When it comes to music, Johnny JRAMA is all about synergy, supporting artists from the recording phase all the way through to distribution. Great tracks are recorded on a daily basis at RoofTop Recording Studios, which is owned & operated by JRAMA RECORDS. This is the flagship record label, where great music is developed and released! Of course, no great label would be complete without some great music distribution services:

Enter JRAMA Music Distribution, with a focus on getting quality music properly licensed and out to the world.

 Johnny also set out to create a few subcategories that deal with fashion, fragrances and more:

The JRAMA Jrobe line is all about high quality clothing, while the Jramatic division focuses on providing excellent fragrances and high quality skin care products, without all the harsh chemicals.

In addition to that, Johnny has also started a modeling division:

The JRAMA Queens, which gives aspiring models the opportunity to model the brands growing product line, and to be featured in different promo magazines worldwide!

Find out and learn more about JRAMA’s unique and extremely diverse offerings below!