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     RoofTop Recording Studios is a private, upscale recording facility located on the rooftop of The Village Flea Market in the heart of Miami. The privacy, security and professional vibes at our studio allows for artists, producers, and our sound engineers alike to really get the creative juices flowing at their maximum levels.

     Open 24/7 by appointment, this studio offers Professional Vocal Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, CD Duplication and Digital Distribution to over 160+ Countries Worldwide. Our lab is equipped with an Analog Vacuum Tube Channel Strip Preamp/Compressor/EQ, a Large Diaphram Condenser Tube Mic, and hundreds of world class plugins to get your vocals sounding their absolute best! And with studio rates starting at just $35 per hour, there's no reason why you shouldn't give us a call today!

     RoofTop Recording Studios is a 5 Star Rated Recording Facility which is known for its profound sound. Johnny JRAMA is the head sound engineer with 20+ years experience in the field of sound. Industry insiders such as Desloc Piccalo and Alpoko Don have collaborated with RoofTop Recording Studios, which is owned and operated by JRAMA RECORDS.


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Multiple hours can be bought together.

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